Crocodile Dentist Toy

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Everytime you open the mouth of this Crocodile Dentist Toy, a random tooth will be sore. Each players will take turns on pressing a tooth. But beware! You should not press on the sore tooth-- or else the crocodile will snap on your finger! The winner? The one who doesn’t get bitten by the crocodile!


  • Play with your family, friends, and classmates, test the feelings of heartthrob together.

  • Every time when you check on him, his sore tooth is different, so you have to check him on the jig.

  • No batteries required.

  • Use the special tooth tongs to wiggle out one croc tooth per turn. But don't pull the one that triggers croc's touchy temper or, snap.


  • Open the crocodile's mouth and press one tooth at a time to see how long you can survive with no loose parts and exciting snapping jaws. To win, be the only dentist who doesn't rile the crocodile.


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